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Marlene pena

Advanced Photography period 8



This week, our class was assigned to take photographs of people doing some sort of sports activity. My focus while shooting was to capture the motion athletes gracefully emote, while they put all their effort into complex movements. Since I do not have a ride to many of the sporting events that take place out of school, I had to rely on whatever sport-like activities I could find around school. 

Best friend

friend 1.jpg
friend 3.jpg
friends 2.jpg

This week's assignment was to take photographs of anything revolving around the theme of 'Best Friends'. During the time given to us in class, a group of classmates and I wandered around the campus on the look for models. Fortunately, one girl in the group managed to get two models perfectly suited for the occasion. Then models genuinely seemed to be having fun, which resulted in pictures with honest emotions. I really like how these three pictures came together in the end, and I'm definitely considering taking similar photos in the future.

Colored gels

gels 2.jpg

This week's assignment was to take portrait photos using gels in the studio. Since the number of students in class is rather low, one of our classmates stepped outside to look for potential models. Three models were brought into the classroom and we each took turns taking photos so that everyone had an equal chance of getting good shots and compositions. This type of photography is one of my favorites to shoot as it can result in a very vibrant and colorful image, with the only limit being the amount of colored gels you have on hand. I am satisfied with my results, and I can definitely see an improvement from the last time I experimented with gels.

Architecture photography

Architecture 3.jpg
Architecture 2.jpg
Architecture 1.jpg

This week, we were assigned a subject never given to us before. Our task was to find creative angles of any kind of architecture and photograph them, which at first seemed like a daunting task but surprisingly turned out to be very interesting. As always, I feared that the buildings and other objects in the school campus might be too mundane. They have grown to become rather uninteresting after so many years of walking around them, making its details blur into what slowly become mere obstacles to get to the next class period. But if you stop once in a while, you can find really interesting views of these buildings, new interesting patterns that make perfect composition guides for the photographer.

selfie photography

DSC_0025 (2).JPG
SELFIE2 (1).jpg

This week, our assignment was rather unusual and a bit of a shocker since our photography teacher detests a lot of trends that the new generations have brought forth. Our task was to take self portraits, otherwise known as 'selfies'. This was a big step out of my comfort zone as I am not the type that goes around taking selfies, although I did have fun as I arranged the scene for these photographs. 

still life


This week, we were assigned to photograph our own still life. Initially I had no original idea of what to photograph, but it came to me after a friend of mine showed me his still life photos. These were put into Photoshop and made monochromatic, a really visually interesting set in my opinion. This gave me the idea to have a similar theme, in which I gathered multiple items and made color-coded still life pictures, one blue, one yellow, and one blue. This was a fun assignment, one that made me realize the vast amount of pink items I own.

unposed photography


This week, we were assigned to take photographs of non-posing subjects. As our class lacks in models, we used each other as subjects for our photos, but I was lucky enough to find other people to take pictures of as well. Personally, I had a lot of fun in this assignment as candid photography may be my favorite to experiment with.

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